The Presentation’s Day

As time goes by, after all the hard work from all the group members and also all the advises from Dr. Rosseni and others, Hit-or-Miss has finally come out with the complete video and we are ready to present on that day. As for that day, two of us could not make it because they were at their hometown preparing for Christmas Eve. They were Crystal and Erica. So, the only presenters left on that were Aine, Ammar and Nik. We made or presentation as simple as possible because we want all the audiences and lecturers to focus more on our video, ‘Words Matter’. As the presentation went by and here come our turn which was the 4th group presenting. A few minutes on our amazing poster and then straight to the video. Guess what? We nailed the video. Maybe it wasn’t the best video ever but still we made it look interesting and the most important thing was that, they was an important, message that need to be delivered to everyone. The message was the title itself, words matter. We wanted people to realize that their words and everything that came out from their mouth could be joyous or sadness to others. It was you who decided to make your words harmful or potion to others. What sounded good to your ears didn’t mean it sounded the same towards others. Your words can change people’s mood from bad to worse, from good to better, and the other way around. Therefore, make it count.

After all group finished presenting their videos, we had a break to give our juries the time for the final evaluation. After that, it was the certificate and prize giving ceremony. The top three would receive a giant hamper, sponsored by Dr. Rosseni. As for our crew members, we never had a thought of competing for the top three. We just made our video as best as we could and we made sure that our message was very clear. Before the winner and all the runner up were announced, Dr. Rosseni told us that the difference between the fourth place and the second runner up was only 1 mark. 1 mark!? That was a very small gap separating the 3rd and 4th place. All of us was guessing which team were having that very though fight for the top three. Guess what? It was our group. More to that, we were the one with the higher mark! With 1 mark difference, we manage to grab that top three spot. It was quite overwhelming feeling. I was shocked. Others were shocked. Hit-Or-Miss was the third runner up, receiving that giant hamper. The other team that was a bit unlucky because of 1 mark was the FASA Production. Both of the teams were trying hard but we were luckier. First runner up went to 4AS with their Taubat and the winner is none other than the video Cintai Alam, from the #Cinta production group. The winner really deserved the win. For others, they had tried their best, we had tried our best, and the difference was only some bit of details.

It was an awesome experience for Hit-or-Miss Crews because this video-making process was really challenging and we would have never done it without the help from Dr. Rosseni, Kak Ana and friends. Thank you everyone. Our thanks also went to the supporting actors who acted in our video and not to forget, our targets for the video. At least we had gave them something to ponder. All in all, your words matter.





Final Update (Video Production & Poster)

Greetings, everyone! πŸ™‚

We hope that you have been well. Alright, so week 14 has passed and here we are… stepping on the reality, whereby we have to submit our final video production as well as our poster! Tomorrow is the presentation day, our very own “Edtechovation Day!” Well well well.. let us see what our group have come up with for our final video production. Hmmm, truth be told, all of us were kind of stressed out with the video making because majority of us aren’t really great with the editing skills. Additionally, we too, only used a Canon digital camera, which turned out that the quality wasn’t that perfect as well but acceptable. However!! We tried the best we can to make it all POSSIBLE. To get our message across, and to fulfill the requirements necessary for our marks! πŸ™‚ after a few times of modifications (editing) again, we did not basically change the entire thing, but we added up a few more scenes and pictures, as well as some bombastic relevant words that could make understand better and perhaps enjoy the video. At first, we picked the Lemon Tree song by Fools Garden as our soundtrack, but when we did the editing, we somehow changed the choice of song as well.. and yeap! Like Dr Rosseni, we only then realized that we should have just stick with the Lemon Tree song. Hehe 😦 but, hmmm… it’s alright, I guess. I am sure the Pumped Up Kicks song is kicky as well! Heh πŸ˜‰ so, here goes our final video titled ‘Words Matter’ by Hit-or-Miss production. Enjoy!

‘Words Matter’ by Hit-or-Miss Production



To the other groups, break a leg! ALL THE BEST for tomorrow’s (20/12/14, Saturday) presentation πŸ™‚

Yours truly,

Hit-or-Miss Production

Deepest Apology :'(

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Today we were supposed to meet as usual and show to class our very final draft of this project. Indeed, we have completed the task.


Ammar has completed the first final draft by 5.58 pm. We all did the commenting and discussing part in improvising the draft and by that night, we were done with the second final draft.


It was by 1.26 in the morning. Right after that, we focusing on the poster. Honestly, all of us forgot the poster. Not only our group, but the rest of class as well. So we did some posters and edit them and someway somehow we fall asleep and left our internet connection, our data plan on the smartphones just like that. That is the reason for us receiving all those posts in our facebook group but we did not reply them as we were sleeping. We are terribly sorry for that. Deeply, sorry.

We feel even worse when we checked on the facebook this morning as we found this,


We do feel bad of this. We really, really do. First of all, we take all the blame for forgetting to give the link and upload the final draft though Kak Ana and Dr. Rosseni have reminded that for many times. Second, it is kinda hurting and frustrating to read Dr. Rosseni’s question for our group, ‘still no submission as of 6 am today?’

Haih. We know, we understand really well that somehow we have let you down. We did not do our best. We have put things hard for our lecturer and facilitators in dealing on this particular assignment. We are so so sorry for troubling everyone on this.

But we have it done, completely done. It is not that we have nothing in our hands to be present in class. We are still aware of our responsibility as student to have all the task given completed. The only issue here is burning the midnight oil, and we, whole-heartedly, willingly to take all the blame.

Also, we do realize that we are doing documentary and it is rather different from others’. More on that, ours might be the simplest in term of duration, editing, message delivering but we would like all to know that we put effort on doing this, and we are still learning in improvising things that are not our expertise.

We are now waiting to choose our poster to be proposed to lecturer and all facilitators. And so for now, let us just give the link of our final draft here (we have also posted it in our facebook group and also in the class facebook group).

Hope to have the suggestion and comments on improvising this video from our beloved, honorable lecturer and facilitators.

Again, we are so sorry on everything happened throughout these preparation time given.

Our deepest apology to everyone.


Ammar, Nik, Crystal, Erica, Ain.

Lemon For A Lemonade. Chill!

Assalamualaikum and hello πŸ™‚

And so, we did collect some new shots, some perfect smiles of our respondents and of course, the idea for both open and closure of the video have been nicely, almost perfectly planned.

Yet, we only plan for the best and still He is the best planner and decision maker after all.

As we were preparing our first complete draft, the movie maker suddenly turned upside down. The editing part was all fine but when it comes to the minute of 2, everything went blank. We even re-install the editing software and tried our best in using various editing software but nothing seemed to be working on.



The thing went worse when Dr. Rosseni posted this in the Facebook group.


and it really made us feel bad. Like seriously. 😦

Worse come to worst, we were approaching 12 midnight. Allahu. We need to fix things up. We have to. But what are we supposed to do when we did everything but nothing is fine? πŸ˜₯

In the end, we decided to just proceed with the 2 minutes video and give the link to our lecturer. We are terribly sorry for the problems. We really are. Still, we do believe that things happen for reason. Insyaallah, we’ll have a better final draft by next week.

Amin. πŸ™‚

Video Shooting 2.0

Hello everyone!


So, as we all know, last week’s presentation did not go well ☹. Thus, we’ve decided to do another shooting session to cover up any missing holes in our video production. We shoot several extra scenes to cover up some of the videos that can’t be used from our previous shooting. Why? Well, let’s just say that they were not fit for the video production. Yes, sad but we have to accept as it is.

Our actual plan was to go to PTSL but it was raining so heavily,so we’ve decided to do it at PPBL. We are very fortunate to have such amazing classmates that are willing to help us in any way possible thus making our shooting went smoothly that day. So thank you Sarah, Aika and Azroy for your help, we appreciate it a lot!

We can’t wait to show you the finished product next week. Stay tuned guys!

Trailer Presentation

Assalamualaikum and hello πŸ™‚

It’s week 11 and phew, we were asked to present the integrated and complete result for our project. Unfortunately, none of us really come with a final video. Therefore, we decided to at least present whatever we have in our laptop and it is our trailer! :3

Well, the trailer actually showed some of our very first approach to the target. We also included some of the preparation pictures. We used Animoto in planning the trailer as we find it quite cool and handy to be used. By looking at others’ presentation, we know very well that we still are not at ‘that’ level of editing and producing video. But after all, there will always be rooms for improvement. And oh! One thing that should be highlighted out of today’s class would be on burning the midnight oil would never be a good option in any situation.

Yet, we were and still are thankful and grateful enough for having such understanding lecturers and fasilitators, besides the supportive classmates. Insyaallah, we will be back with much more positive vibes and we are going to deliver them well in the next video. Do pray for us, ya? πŸ™‚

We would really love to share the trailer here but sadly, it does not comply to the Youtube and even Facebook’s terms due to the copyright issue. Our bad.

By the way, there will be no class for next week as Dr. Rosseni who has a very very big and kind heart that she decided to give us much time in preparing the video. Thank you Dr. We really do appreciate that, like seriously. πŸ™‚

May we have the strength and ample time to enhance, to edit and to prepare the final video in these hectic and critical weeks. Amin.

Group Discussion – Group 4


On and on. Before we start our project, we need to do some experimentsΒ first. After class, Ammar decided to try it on one of his friends at the Faculty of Education. The result was fascinating in which his face turned dull when Ammar handed him a piece of card written “You stink.” (negative comment) At that time, we realized that our project is going to be awesome. We gathered and we discussed it all over again. Decisions have been made. We will continue with this project. We listed down all the things needed for this project. We also made another attempt by doing some practices first.

Unfortunately, we didn’t take many pictures during the practice sessions… however, we would wish and hope that the outcome of our video production would be satisfying. πŸ™‚

Group Discussion – Part 3

On November 7th 2014, we had a class whereby all of us were asked to create our very own story board using the mahjong paper given by Dr Rosseni. We were also provided with marker pens, sticky notes, colored papers etc in order to make our story board as interesting and possible. We divided the work among our group members.. Nik was the one who drew almost all the characters/drawings on the mahjong paper while Ammar helped him out with the coloring. Erica and Crystal did the cuttings of the words, glued them on the mahjong paper and did some decorations. While we were busy creating the story board, Dr Rosseni surprised us with a ‘nasi lemak’ for the whole class! Hooray! Coincidentally, most of us did not take our breakfast that morning. Hence, all of us got so excited and even felt more energetic to finish up our story board. πŸ˜€ alright alright… so let’s check out some of the pictures taken during the activity. πŸ™‚

934859_683575908417171_1816503880969638019_n 1233956_683575791750516_7409090810208271160_n 1452573_683576025083826_2741189729268344741_n 1467344_683576068417155_1093533587479944215_n 1477516_683575871750508_3736803845847436123_n 1508559_683575988417163_4866977664160945979_n 10252135_683575831750512_8783479681596317151_n 10388176_683575978417164_6645981682494614013_n 10401476_683575758417186_1853004022899276795_n 10429428_683575885083840_6460613530193939704_n 10432158_683575945083834_1507073018941203367_n10530731_683575805083848_8630321411378453321_n

Group Discussion – Part 2

As our discussion goes on, we have come out with something new. Something that is different from the other groups. We have decided on doing a documentary about the society around us which is the UKM students. We are planning on going around and ask a question to some strangers or friends. The title for our project video is Hit-or-Miss. The reason is because our target person will never know that we are recording and making them parts of our project. At least not until we have finished with the question or gimmick.

For the time being, we are discussing on the method and question that we are going to use. So far we have came out with some ideas. One of them is go secretly to a person and tell him or her something that is unexpected that may surprise them. As the time goes by, we will come out with a better method and backup plan. Hopefully, it will be perfect at the time we hit the first person.

May we hit, not miss.Crews

Group Discussion – Part 1

Right after the class ended, we stayed for a while to start discussing on our video production. Our group members consist of five people; Aine, Nik, Erica, Ammar & Crystal. First of all, we decided on the genre we’re going to produce. Later, we talked about what kind of messages that would be interesting to deliver or convey to the people out there.

At first, Nik suggested a theme that describes or tells a story about the poor and rich whereas Aine suggested that we do about a mother and her son. Besides, Erica also voiced out on a theme called “plastic” while Crystal & Ammar suggested on doing something that contrasts one another in a real life situation.

Crystal then jotted down everything that all of us suggested and came up to a conclusion at last. We decided to do the “mother and son” theme, thus we came up with a draft of story line and discussed a bit further on the synopsis before we proceed on submitting our proposal to Prof Rosseni.